Spectrum is a toolkit we developed to support us in our daily work as designers, product strategists and managers.

We realised that in our current toolset there is no nice, accessible and effective way to organise, cluster, prioritise and share insights, ideas, concepts, or other content on screen. Spectrum tries to address this with an on-screen environment that enables quick visualisation and organisation of your thoughts with cards, in a 2-dimensional canvas. Once mapped, automatically detected clusters and other insights can be exported with a few clicks, as image sets, to Powerpoint, Excel or other apps and services.

Spectrum has been created for designers, cinematographers, chefs, ethnographers, product managers and anyone else who needs to organise their thoughts while creating products, services and content.

Spectrum is currently in active development and running as a private beta. Send us a message if you are interested in using it, or want to contribute to its development.