How does strategy and design help you and your business?

What we do is structured creativity. Creating value through design, throughout the product development cycle.

Product Development Cycle
So you have a product (idea)...

We help you with service and product strategy, because shaping new vision and business models keep you ahead of the curve.

Our strategy output

  • Immersive research, including ethnography

  • Opportunity definition: from trends and insights to opportunity mapping

  • Design thinking: workshop and facilitation

  • Creating strategic frameworks and tools to help execute the product vision

What does this mean for you?
You'll get a concrete service or product vision that is actionable for everyone involved.

Make those ideas tangible

We do service and product design: the concrete and actionable part of your vision, because we are not only design thinkers. We love to create!

Our design deliverables

  • Creative direction: conceptual and holistic thinking, design sprints and reviews

  • Qualitative user research: to sanity-check hypothesis

  • Interaction design and prototyping

  • UI development and traditional design delivery, e.g specs and design libraries

What does this mean for you?
You'll get a product or experience prototype that can be taken into a technical and/or market phase.

Look after your organisation

Helping your organisation and your people grow, because design leadership and management requires more than just design skills.

Our company engagements

  • Organising inspirational team-events: e.g Ignite talks

  • Recruitment support: identifying skills needed, creating job profiles, reviewing applications and interviewing candidates

  • Design skills coaching and training: “how to run an ideation workshop", “proposal writing"

What does this mean for you?
You'll get support in developing the people in your organisation and in nurturing a healthy company culture.

What makes us experts

We are not only design thinkers. We have years of experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams throughout various stages of the product development cycle. Here are several samples of award-winning products and services where we played leading roles, ranging from strategy and design thinking workshops, to product design and development.

Axel Springer Women in Media Awards

Axel Springer, Women in Media Awards, 2014-2015

Wire cross-platform communication service

Vodafone for Emerging Markets, strategy, 2008

SNS Bank, app strategy and design

Nokia N9 and MeeGo,

Vodafone strategy for emerging markets


Philips Simplicity, Care: Soft Therapy

Philips Simplicity,

Philips Ambient Experience for Medical

Philips Lifestyle concepts,

Nokia N9

SNS Bank, app strategy and design,

Philips Lifestyle, 2006

Philips Ambient Experience for Medical,

Nike-Philips Sports Audio Players

Nike-Philips Music Experience,

Code Red

Our homegrown pain-tracker app for people with chronic pain. Are you or someone you know suffering from chronic pain? We'd love to get your feedback.

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We've been round the block

Some of the companies we've worked with: startups, agencies and corporates.


Organise your thoughts

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Our app for designers, strategists, film makers, chefs, and anyone who needs to organise their thoughts and ideas, for working alone or with others.


Meet Our Team

We are a small team with a wide network of expert collaborators.


Robert Kortenoeven

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We have the mileage

We are seasoned creative design leaders with many years of experience, and are curious makers and tinkerers at heart.

We go the distance

We know what’s required to take ideas from vision to reality, through creative thinking and supported by a broad set of skills.

We adapt

Change is fundamental not just to the work we do, but how we do it and our acquired skills. We go beyond the classic notion of what a designer should be (doing).

New forms of collaboration

With change being fundamental to what we do and how we deliver the work, we are open to new forms of collaboration that "traditional" agencies don't offer.

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